The Classifications of Hardware Locks

Locks are always the tools that we can't live without, and today's locks have been developed rapidly with the development of technology. The technology that today's locks adopt is pretty advanced, and the technological level of making locks is higher and higher. Then what are the classifications of hardware locks?

The Classifications by Applications
Door locks
They are installed on the entry doors. The door locks must be burglar-proof padlocks since the safety should be put in the first place. The burglar-proof doors are usually installed outside the entry doors and the gap between the two is small, so the door locks chosen by people are often the spring locks without any handles to avoid the handle being slamed into the burglar-proof door and the door being unable to be closed. 

Bedroom locks
They are installed on the doors of each bedroom, which should guarantee the privacy of those bedrooms. That is, the door can be locked if we are inside the bedroom and the key should be used to unlock the lock if we are outside the bedroom.

Bathroom locks
They are installed on the doors of toilets or bathrooms, and they which can be locked inside the toilets or bathrooms. Besides, it would be better if it is available for people to open the door outside the toilets or bathrooms, and otherwise it will be bad for rescue when some accidents like faint, coma or even poisoning happens. What's more, bedroom locks should also have waterproof and rustproof functions.

Passage locks
They are installed on the doors of the kitchens, living rooms, dinning rooms, hallways and children's rooms, and they are only used to open and close the doors without any insurance function. What needs to be reminded is that passage locks had better be used for the doors of children's rooms, which will be convenient for rescue when accidents happen to children.

Vending machine locks
Vending machine locks are installed on ATM, vending machines, game machines, automatic water machines, automatic book machines, automatic CD machines, intelligent terminal, electrical equipment, etc. They are usually made of Zinc Alloy, Brass, Steel, etc.

Classification by Appearance and Shapes
Spherical locks and handle locks combine three functions of locks, handles and ball plungers. The spring locks only have the functions of locks and ball plungers, and they are installed on the entry doors without any handles. Another handle will be needed because it is not convenient to open and close the door.

The Purchasing Skills of Hardware Locks
According to the executive standard of hardware locks
Foreigners have very strict standards towards hardware locks, so the quality of imported locks is relatively high. Generally speaking, the quality of heavy hardware locks is relatively higher. The lock body can not be sharp because it is easy to hurt people, and the three locations like the end of lock handles, lock tongues and the four corners of the lock body should be especially paid attention to. Those locks with good lock springs can be opened and closed flexibly, and possess high sensitivity and have the long service life.

The materials of hardware locks
The materials of hardware locks on the market are basically divided into stainless steel, copper and zinc alloy. Stainless steel has high strength, strong corrosion resistance and color invariant, which is the best material for making locks. Copper is wildly used and it has the superior mechanical capacity and the relatively high price. High-quality zinc alloy is sturdy, wearable, corrosion resistant and easy to shape, which is mainly applied to medium-grade locks. 

The surface treatment of hardware locks
The surface treatment of hardware locks is roughly divided into electroplating, spraying and coloring. The surface of locks form a compact protective film through the surface treatment. Besides being antiseptic and rustproof, the protective film also and makes the locks durable and look attractive. The protective film is the standard to measure the quality of hardware locks. The high-quality hardware locks usually adopt the electroplating treatment, and the plating is smooth, even and with the bright color.

Different locks have different applications, and the appearance of various kinds of locks is totally different. Nowadays, people pay more attention to the aesthetic when producing locks. Most of the locks that are popular on the present market are pretty beautiful. 

There are many matters that need to be paid attention to when we purchase locks. That is, we should first pay attention to the manufacturing specifications of locks and then the appearance of them.