Is It Safe to Change Lock Cylinders? (Part One)

Why do burglaries sometimes happen after locks are changed?
There are two reasons responsible for this. The first one is that the new lock is of poor quality and low security, thus it can be easily picked by thieves. Locks have different security levels, and the A Class locks are of the lowest security. The anti-theft locks at least should be the B Class locks since B Class locks have the highest security. The first reason reminds us that we should pay attention to the security of vending machine locks when purchasing vending machine locks.

The second reason is that people who change the locks are not professional enough. Some lawbreakers pretend to be working in unlocking companies, and they tend to leave loopholes when installing and changing locks for residents. Then, it is easy for them to execute burglaries when residents are not at home. Therefore, you would better find someone to change the lock from a professional unlocking company rather than from illegal advertisements at the roadside. The working personnel who will help you to change the lock should firstly provide the professional certificate, ID card and and some certificates issued by responsible departments.

Is it necessary to change lock cylinders?
Lock cylinders of vending machine locks are frequently used, and there is no doubt that they need to be maintained or changed when there are something with them after they are used for a certain period of time. When lock cylinders of vending machine locks go wrong, some people tend to directly change locks or even change doors and the whole cabinets. That will be unworthy and result in the huge economic cost waste.

Through the above mentioned reasons for frequently happening burglaries after locks are changed, many burglaries can be effectively avoided if people can pay attention to the security of locks, select the locks with the high security and ask the professional unlocking companies to change locks.

Different types of locks have different security performance. Lock cylinders are easy to break down if vending machine locks are misused.

Then what should we do if lock cylinders of vending machine locks are broken? Some people will choose to purchase new vending machine locks and others will choose to change lock cylinders. There is no doubt that both ways are safe. You can choose either way just according to your own conditions.