A three-day Trip to Yellow Mountain

In December, the sales department of Vending Machine Lock Manufacturer went on a three-day trip to Yellow Mountain to celebrate our great performance, that is, we tripled our manufacturing capabilities in 2016.
Yellow Mountain is well known for its scenery, sunsets, pine trees, hot springs, winter snow, and views of the clouds from above.
Yellow Mountain is considered an example of vigor because the trees thrive by growing straight out of the rocks. Many of the pine trees in the area are more than a hundred years old and have been given their own names (such as the Ying Ke Pine, or Welcoming-Guests Pine, which is thought to be more than 1500 years old). The pines vary greatly in shape and size, with the most crooked of the trees being considered the most attractive.

After Yellow Mountain, we visited the traditional building, and we also had a wonderful meal for new year eve.
Traditional building, beautiful scenery of Yellow Mountain, the special souvenir and nice food have been a very good experience for us.
Finally, we came back to Xiamen City after a tired but happy trip. Through this trip, we know more about each other and enhance the team cohesion.
Sincerely wish you all have a prosperous 2017, a wonderful Chinese New Year!


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