The Guangzhou Lock Security Products Exhibition 2018

Information of the exhibition
Exhibition Name: The Guangzhou Lock Security Products Exhibition 2018     
Exhibition Date: From 26th to 28th September, 2018
Exhibition Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou - Baoli World Trade Expo Hall

Organizer: Shanghai Huide Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Supporter: Shanghai Door and Window Industry Association, Shanghai Hardware Products Association, Jiangsu Hardware Industry Association, Zhejiang Lock Industry Association, Jiangsu Door and Window Industry Association and Wuxi Smart Home Industry Alliance

Contractor: Shanghai Huike Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Supporting Media: China Building Materials, China Window & Door, China Lock Industry, Security Engineering, China Security, China Wooden Door, China Locks, Modern Lock Industry, China Door China Security Exhibition, China Doors Industry, China Locks Wholesale, Huicong Locks, China News, China Economic News, Economic Daily, Science China, C114, etc.

Ranges of exhibits
Electronic locks
Smart locks, fingerprint locks, light control combination locks, electronic door locks, magnetic card locks, IC card locks, digital locks, sensor locks, sound locks, face recognition locks, iris recognition locks, vein recognition locks and other biometric locks.

mechanical locks
Fireproof door locks, vending machine locks, spherical door locks, furniture locks, mortice door locks, luggage locks, safety chains (pins), various padlocks and keys.

Vehicle locks
All kinds of car locks, motorcycle locks, bicycle locks, anti-theft locks for parking spaces and locks with special specifications.

Lock parts and related technical equipment
Door and window hardware, furniture hardware, lock and key production technology and equipment, etc.

Security product
Intelligent building systems, alarm systems, anti-theft systems, wireless intercom doorbells, video doorbells, card readers, card and information security systems.

Introduction of the exhibition
The Guangzhou Lock Security Products Exhibition 2018 is going to be held at Baoli World Trade Expo Hall, Guangzhou. The exhibition has a large scale, covering electronic locks, smart locks, fingerprint locks, face recognition locks, iris recognition locks, vein recognition locks and other biometric locks, mechanical locks, vehicle locks, security products, locks parts and related technical equipment. This exhibition will invite professional customers such as relevant foreign organizations and purchasing delegations in various fields to participate in this event. It is expected that more than 10,000 exhibitors and over 50,000 professional visitors will attend the event.


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