Will Vending Machine Locks Usher in New Development Opportunities?

Affected by the epidemic this Spring Festival, the "no contact" service of the unmanned retail industry is on fire. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, in addition to offline supermarkets, fresh e-commerce and other mainstream channels, cashier-less supermarkets and vending machines have also become the channels for people to buy daily necessities. When they have to go out to shop, people prefer unmanned containers and self-service settlement equipment. In the new commercial form of unmanned retail, supermarket with no staff, unmanned distribution and vending machines play a vital role, and they cannot be separated from the escort of vending machine locks.

Vending Machine

The epidemic is driving the popularity of the unmanned retail industry and the rapid development of self-service terminal equipment. The demand for vending machine locks will greatly increase, which will be a new opportunity for the lock industry. In addition, with the increasingly fierce competition in the vending machine industry and the upgrading of consumption structure, new vending machines such as ice cream machines, claw machines, automatic juicers, coffee machines and lipstick machines have emerged one after another and are deeply loved by the vast consumers, especially young consumers. Therefore, the demand for all kinds of vending machine locks matched with those machines will also substantially increase.
Vending Machine Lock

Xiamen Make Security Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, R & D, production and manufacture of industrial locks and commercial locks, and has rich experience in the field of vending machine locks. Different styles of vending machine locks, such as American style, Japanese style and European style, produced by Make are very popular in European and American markets. At present, Make has already become a professional provider of security solutions for vending machines, and after long-term market tests, Make vending machine locks have become very mature, diversified, safe and reliable.

The high-grade locks MK213 and MK214 specially designed by Make for self-service vending systems and facilities are integrated with Japanese design style, bright as a mirror, simple and atmospheric. The innovation point is that according to the requirements of customers on safety level, lock cylinders with different structures can be configured, including tubular structure, double-sided pin tumbler mechanism and ABLOY structure.
Vending Machine Lock MK213             
Model: MK213.                                                                              
Materials: Zinc alloy, Iron.
Finished: Bright chrome.
Key combination: 10,000.
Japanese-style vending machine lock MK213
Vending Machine Lock MK214             
Model: MK214.                                                                              
Materials: Zinc alloy, Iron.
Finished: Bright chrome.
Key combination: 10,000.
Japanese-style vending machine lock MK214

The new and fashionable American-style vending machine lock MK200 is angular and have special frosted surface so it's non-reflective. The innovation of this lock is that it has three types of T-handle for selection: common T-bar, solid T-handle and T-handle with anti-drilling steel bar; and three types of nut for selection: lock nut, common nut and linkage rod. In particular, the lock nut is provided with three-head elastic threads, and the T-handle is directly pushed to lock. That convenient, safe, humanized design has been welcomed by customers.
Vending Machine Lock MK200              
Model: MK200.                                                                             
Materials: Zinc alloy.
Finished: Bright chrome, nickel.
Key combination: Over 10,000.
American-style vending machine lock MK200

Safety lock is made by Make. With the progress of technology and the change of market demand, Make has gradually upgraded its products. At present, it has developed a new type of electronic intelligent vending machine lock with management system to meet the needs of the vast number of users. In the future, Make will continue to research and develop new vending machine locks and constantly improve the products, technologies and services of vending machine locks, providing safer and more reliable vending machine locks for the majority of users to help the development of unmanned retail industry.

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