Make Lock Makes the Cash box Safe on Self-service Terminals

Self-service terminal devices such as vending machines and self-service payment machines have been widely used around people's life and work, providing convenient and fast services for users. The cash box, containing coins or notes, is an important part of self-service terminals. And the lock is an indispensable part of the cash box for it will make the box and the self-service terminals safer. How to choose the cash box lock? After reading the article, you'll know the answer.

Cash Box Locks

Firstly, choose a high-quality and safe cash box lock. At present, the vast majority of self-service terminal equipment uses traditional cash boxes, and the cash box locks are mostly mechanical locks. Make Security Technology Co., Ltd. has always attached great importance to the design and development of mechanical locks, and has invested a large amount of money for R & D and advanced production equipment. Make has a variety of locks with high safety and beautiful appearance, such as cam locks and M4 patent locks.

MAKE M4-Lock is a small mini cam lock with a minimum diameter of 10 mm. Although that size is also available in the current market, the manufacturer can make 200 key combinations at most while the number of the M4-Lock key combination can reach more than 40,000. What's more, M4-Lock can also be made a master key management system, so it has high safety and is widely used. This type of lock fills the gap in the security lock market at home and aboard and has obtained the patent certification of China, the United States and Germany.
M4-LOCK        Model: M4-LOCK.                                                                      
Material: Zinc alloy, brass.
Finished: Shiny chrome.
Key combination: 46,000.

In addition to patent locks, Make also has many high-security locks which can be widely used in cash boxes and lockers, with low price and good safety performance. For example, the lock MK507. It is made from zinc alloy and copper which are high-strength materials. The surface is finished with bright chrome, having the function of lead sealing. When using it, you can lock the cabinets or other things by getting it a push, and unlock them with a key, hence the high safety factor. The lock can be used on objects with high safety requirements such as luggage, bag, cash box, cash bag.
MK507         Model: MK507.                                                                          
Material: Zinc alloy, copper.
Finished: Bright chrome.
Key combination: Over 10,000.

Since portable cash boxes are mostly used in the existing self-service terminals, it is far from enough to only pay attention to the safety of cash box locks. When installing self-service terminal equipment, it is also necessary to install cameras around it. Once the cash box is stolen, you can call the police to track down the thief quickly.

With the continuous progress of society and the unceasing improvement of city informatization, it is believed that convenient and fast self-service terminal devices will be more and more applied to people's daily life. The lock is an important defense line to protect the safety of the cash box on self-service terminals. Thus, it is very important to choose locks with high performance and high safety. Make will continue to increase the development and investment of locks to provide safer and higher quality cash box locks for customers!

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