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The optical box is a kind of equipment commonly used in the communication system, power system, traffic control system and cable TV system. However, during the use of optical communication boxes, they often face problems such as man-made sabotage and abnormal situations that are difficult to manage, which lead to large-scale network disconnection in the region and affect people's work and life.
To prevent similar situations from happening, the optical box must improve safety, and at the same time realize the goal of intelligence and information management. The MK436 electronic cabinet lock can effectively improve the problems existing in traditional optical cabinet locks and help optical cabinets realize information management. What application benefits can MK436 cabinet electronic locks bring to optical cabinets? Let's find out together.

Realize the information management of optical boxes. MK436 adopts RS485 protocol, which can be connected to the management platform, and the data of the optical box can be summarized on a unified platform. The remote control and unlocking can be realized. Through these data, managers can obtain the use and operation of the optical box at any time. Once the optical box is abnormal, the cause can be quickly found out, and personnel can be arranged to deal with it in time, thereby improving the management efficiency of the optical box.
Using MK436 will also improve the safety of the optical box and reduce unnecessary losses. This is because the MK436 is designed with a heavy-duty handle, made of zinc alloy, which is durable. Even if it is violently opened, it is still a tough guy. When it is violently attacked, the internal sensor can also quickly send information to the management platform, preventing the occurrence of dangerous situations in time, improving the safety of the optical box, and reducing the loss caused by damage to the optical box.

The MK436 electronic cabinet lock has a high-quality surface, adopts a waterproof and anti-corrosion design, and has passed the strict salt spray test. The keyhole has a protective cover, which can play the role of being waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof. Even in the harsh outdoor environment, you can also use the MK436 cabinet lock without worries.
With the development of the information society, the information management of optical boxes will gradually be put on the agenda. Make's electronic cabinet locks will contribute to the process of digital informationization of optical boxes.


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