CSF—Revival of Unmanned Retail and Popular Vending Machine Locks

Guangzhou Int'l Vending Machines & Self-service Facilities Fair 2020 (August 3-5, 2020) was held in Area B of Canton Fair Complex. Vending Machine Lock Manufacturer brought many new high-end vending machine locks to the Area B. They were favored by all major exhibitors.

Guangzhou Int'l Vending Machines & Self-service Facilities Fair 2020

With the maturity of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and mobile payment, and the penetration of unmanned retail concept, vending machines, with more diverse goods and more convenient payment methods, have been widely known and gradually developed into new commercial retail. With the full play of the special scenario advantage of unmanned retail during the COVID-19 pandemic, vending machines have also ushered in new development opportunities. As the "guardian" of vending machines, vending machine locks attracted much attention in this exhibition.
Vending Machine Locks

As a professional provider of security solutions for vending machines, Vending Machine Lock Manufacturer adds American, Japanese and European styles to the lock design, tailoring a variety of high-grade locks for vending machines. Lock cylinders with different structures can be configured according to customers' requirements for safety, including tubular structure, double-sided pin structure and disc key structure. The lock is varied, safe and reliable.

There was a constant stream of customers to the exhibition visiting our vending machine locks. Our staff carefully explained the characteristics and advantages of the lock to customers, deeply understood and recorded their needs, and provided a preliminary solution for customers. Excellent quality and professional service attracted many exhibitors and new and old customers to negotiate on site.

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