Different Types of Vending Machines

Vending machines can accurately deliver the goods we choose to us through different types of goods lanes and intelligent systems. What are the types of vending machines? The most common ones are vending machines with self-picking up, vending machines with clustered lattices, vending machines with S-shaped lanes, vending machines with spring spiral lanes, and vending machines with crawler lanes.
Vending machines with self-picking up
Different from other unmanned vending machines, the vending machine with self-picking up is very convenient in operation and paying the bill. It only takes three steps to complete a shopping: Scanning the code to open the door-choosing the product-closing the door for automatically paying the bill. Customers can contact and select commodities with no distance, which improve the user's desire to buy more products. There are three main schemes for vending machines with self-picking up: Weighing identification, RFID identification and visual identification. After the customer takes the goods, the vending machine with self-picking up uses the intelligent weighing system, RFID automatic identification technology or the principle of visual recognition of camera to know which goods the customer has taken and settle the payment through the background.
Vending machines with clustered lattices
The vending machine with clustered lattices is a cluster of lattice cabinets, which is composed of different small lattices. Each lattice has its doors and control mechanisms. Each lattice can display one product or a set of products. After the customer makes the payment, the corresponding door will be opened for the product.

Vending machines with S-shaped lanes
The vending machine with S-shaped lanes is a cargo lane specially developed for beverage vending machines. It can sell various bottled and canned beverages, and canned porridge is also available; the beverages are piled on the shelf, relying on its gravity to slide down, and the goods will not be stuck. The export of goods is controlled by an electromagnetic mechanism.
Vending machines with spring spiral lanes
Vending machines with spring spiral lanes are the earliest type of vending machine in China, and the price is relatively low. This kind of vending machine has the characteristics of simple structure and many types of goods, which can sell ordinary snacks, articles of everyday use and bottled beverages, and are mostly used in small grocery stores. However, it is more prone to failures such as jamming.
Vending machines with crawler lanes
Vending machines with crawler lanes can be said to be an extension of vending machines with spring spiral lanes, though there are more constraints. They are suitable for selling products with fixed packaging and not easy to fall over. After cooperating with the designed heat preservation, temperature control and sterilization system, vending machines with crawler lanes can be used to sell fruits, fresh food and meals.

The above are the main classifications of vending machines. In the new retail era, the more diverse the styles of vending machines are, the more widely the applications will be. Nowadays, vending machines can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys, and their management has become a big problem for operators. Make is committed to solving management problems for security systems for each customer as an enterprise that has been manufacturing vending machine locks for more than ten years.
Whether it is a traditional vending machine or a smart vending machine that is at the forefront of technology developed by Make can help operators solve the hidden safety hazards in the management of vending machines. Electric mortise locks MK231 and MK232 can be selected for vending machines with self-picking up. MK760 can be used for vending machines with clustered lattices. The electromagnetic lock MK760. MK213, MK220, MK221, MK222 and MK223 can be chosen for vending machines with S-shaped lanes, vending machines with spring spiral lanes, and vending machines with crawler lanes according to the actual requirements.

The electric mortise lock MK231
The electric mortise lock MK232

The electromagnetic lock MK760

MK213 on the left and MK200 on the right
MK221 and MK222 aim to free the hands of operators. With the development of new technologies such as 5G, cloud platform, and Bluetooth, managers can get rid of the dilemma of relying on keys for traditional lock management, and realize unlocking and locking immediately with one touch on the mobile phone platform. It can be connected to the central control platform according to the customer's needs, and is intelligent while also reflecting the humanized design concept.

MK221 on the left and MK223 on the right


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