Master Keys

The term master key appeared a long time ago. As the name suggests, it is a universal key that can easily open all kinds of locks. In people's minds, a key with a fixed shape has been formed, and it is a key that can open all locks. In fact, the master key is a general tool with a combination of steel wire, iron hooks and teeth. The principle of unlocking is very simple. It is to use steel wires, iron sheets, tooth molds and many other tools to move the lock cylinder by using some very common mechanical principles, and use skills to move the lock cylinder to achieve the purpose of being non-destructive and having no obvious traces. Under certain conditions, unlocking with the above tools may even be faster and more convenient than the original key. Different locks have different mechanisms and structures, and the required unlocking tools are different; there is no very fixed pattern. For a long time, in the competition between master keys and locks, the lock as a "shield" has been disappointing for most of the time.
With the rapid development of modern technology, the master key is also constantly improving and updating. From the earliest primary unlockers, such as some small steel wires, and small iron pieces to the more advanced high-pressure expansion airbags, high-frequency vibration brushes and electric electromagnetic unlockers; the superconducting soft ray detector, ultrasonic high-frequency detectors and the latest laser scanners are more advanced, which use various light waves and rays to scan and detect the internal structure of the lock and easily open it. At the same time, because of the appearance of a series of locks using electronic technology, such as various computer electronically controlled locks, combination locks, fingerprint locks and fundus retinal electronically controlled locks, intelligent decoders and electronic code breaking machines specially designed for this type of locks have also appeared rapidly. The master key conforms to the trend of the times, and gradually develops to a high degree of intelligence and easiness. The earliest and simplest iron hooks and steel plates can be mastered with the practice for short time; while today's highly intelligent unlockers do not require any skills at all, just power up to generate high-frequency vibrations to unlock, which is more convenient and faster.


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