Several Anti-theft Measures for Vending Machines

With the rapid development of the Internet economy, the retail industry is entering a new era of intelligence, with the self-service model being well known and widely used in multiple scenes. Nowadays, there are all sorts of vending equipment in China, and their functions are gradually complete. What's more, the payment methods are from the traditional payment in specie to more convenient mobile payment, and then to more advanced ways like face recognition, face-scanning payment and so on.

When it comes to vending machines, the first thing that comes to our mind is that they are unattended and stay open 24 hours a day. For this reason, the safety of equipment and commodities has attracted much attention. So what are the specific anti-theft measures for vending machines?

Vending Machines

Install Monitoring Devices

Monitoring equipment can be installed near the vending machine to realize the round-the-clock monitoring. The deterrent power of the camera is still strong, which can not only deter some people who have ulterior motives, but also provide effective evidence and help retrieve the loss if the theft happens.

Upgrade the Configuration of Vending Machines

The most vulnerable part of vending machines is the glass door. And thieves mostly choose to smash the glass door when stealing. Hence, the glass nowadays has been upgraded to the burglar-proof glass that is more steady and durable, greatly improving the anti-theft performance of vending machines. Moreover, vending machines are equipped with T-handle locks which are special locks for vending equipment to prevent theft and picking, making vending machines more secure.

Fix the Position of Vending Machines

As long as the goods in the vending machine fall to the place where they are picked up, the system will judge that the deals are done. Therefore, when vending machines are put into operation, the operators must pay attention to the stability of the machine and prevent the goods from being stolen by people who shake the machine. The way is to fix the vending machine on the flat ground, and it's better to put the machine against the wall.


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