The Origin of Locks

According to research, there are two centers for the origin of locks. One is Mesopotamia and Egypt, and then spread to Greece, Rome, the whole Europe, the British Isles, and then to the United States; the other is China, and then spread to North Korea, Japan and Vietnam. As one of the birthplaces of locks, China has a long history. In ancient times, because of the continuous development of productive forces, people gradually had a surplus. First of all, the surplus of food, and then the exchange of goods and the generation of money.
With the development of productivity and the improvement of life quality, there is a gap in the amount of people's property, which makes people need to better protect their private property, and prompts people to independently research and explore ways and methods to protect their property. It is in the context of such an era that the lock began its continuous development.
Humans in ancient times were often attacked by beasts because they did not have good defense capabilities. It was difficult to survive. Food was the most urgent need for them. In order to ensure the safety of themselves and food, humans used heavy stones to block caves. The protection of blocking the cave with heavy stone is the earliest and most direct original safety device. After that, with the development of society and the improvement of productivity, human beings began to make tools with natural materials. It is because of the continuous use of natural tools by ancient human beings intentionally or unintentionally make people began to develop various tools for their survival and life. All of these tools are referred to as things created by people.
Things created by people are also relative to things not created by people. When the ancestors of ancient times used plants and creatures in nature to achieve a certain purpose of survival, things created by people have not yet appeared. This period could be called the period of natural borrowing. Things created by people were born when human beings first deliberately or unintentionally used the method of breaking rocks to obtain sharp tools. It condenses human strength, labor, production and creation. The process of creation and evolution of locks is also the same, from the borrowing of natural tools by ancestors to things created by later generations and the invention of knots and locks.

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