A Vending Machine Lock

Advantages and disadvantages of vending machines
With the development and progress of the times, vending machines can be seen everywhere, which also allows many people to see the market opportunities of vending machines. What are the advantages and disadvantages of traditional business modes? The advantages of vending machines are that they are more convenient and quicker, and the delivery of goods is relatively safe and reliable. These are all ways to pay first and then pick up the goods. Different types of vending machines also have corresponding applicable occasions.
Spring spiral shelf vending machines
Advantages of spring spiral shelf vending machines: they have a low price, and they can sell different kinds of goods, such as snacks, special snacks and beverages. They have the disadvantages of inconvenient supply, being time-consuming and laborious. The goods need to be carefully placed one by one. The failure rate of moving parts is high.
Crawler cargo lane vending machines
Advantages of crawler cargo lane vending machines: they are more suitable for commodities with a certain weight and that can be stood firmly, such as canned lunches, canned specialty snacks, canned fruit drinks, and small commodities in daily life; the commodities are arranged in an orderly and beautiful manner, giving customers a good visual effect. They have disadvantages of relatively high costs and inconvenient supply.
Serpentine track vending machines
The serpentine track vending machine has the advantages of commodities with a large storage capacity, a wide variety of beverages for selling, and a high utilization rate of the stacking space of the beverage layer. It has the disadvantage of complex structure, great difficulty in development of products, requiring high development productivity of vending machine companies and high costs.
Multi-chamber vending machines
The multi-chamber vending machine has a simple structure and low cost and is more suitable for putting the goods with diverse types and single needs. It has disadvantages of extremely low indoor space utilization rates, small storing space, high costs due to the core material of the machine.
Usually, a vending machine is equipped with a vending machine lock. The vending machine lock MK223 made by Make is made from zinc alloys and is provide with a tubular key system. It can be locked by pushing the T-handle, which is convenient, fast, safe and has nice appearance. The product can be used as recreational locks, mechanical and electrical equipment locks, advertising machine locks, ATM machine locks, vending machine locks and so on. 
Features of the vending machine lock MK223
  • It has an ultra-thin panel of 6mm. 
  • The lock can be opened by rotating the key at an angle of 90°.
  • Gently push the handle and lock. The more force you apply on the handle, the tighter it becomes.
  • It has a good pulling resistance and can withstand 200kg. 
  • The metal is plated with bright chromium and bright nickel. 

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