Make’s Vending Machine Smart Locks Help Manage Vending Machines

In daily management, vending machines require not only the most basic security, but also the management and maintenance of the operator. However, traditional mechanical vending machine locks have brought difficulties to operation and management due to a large number of vending machines, wide coverage, and scattered distances, reducing work efficiency.
Faced with such objective conditions, vending machine and lock manufacturers gradually use electronic locks on vending machines to integrate various functions such as lock security, management authority, equipment maintenance, and data recording. While the vending machine operates safely, its management efficiency is improved. As a result, smart locks for vending machines made by Make are created.
Make’s vending machine smart locks effectively combine the intelligent lock control system with the data management platform, which can not only ensure the normal operation of the vending machine, but also realize the function of one key for multiple locks; realize the efficient management of the vending machine to achieve the purpose of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

The intelligent lock system for the vending machine is mainly composed of 3 parts: servers or cloud servers, central management system platforms, electronic keys and passive locks. The central management system platform can be authorized by itself, and it is also convenient for data collection and analysis to achieve refined management of the next-level users.
In the application of vending machines, passive electronic locks mainly have the following characteristics and advantages:

  • The passive electronic lock is passive for the lock body and power supply for the key; the lock body does not need power supply and communication wiring, and there is no need to worry about the insufficient battery and poor battery of the electronic lock.
  • The passive electronic lock cylinder has a built-in memory chip, which can record the operation information of the electronic lock on site, trace the specific time and which key has been operated, and form the traceability of the use data.

The electronic key adopts process authorization management, and the operating authority and operation time of the electronic lock are strictly controlled. Even if the key is lost, it is only necessary to report the loss without replacing the lock cylinder; the key can be authorized for the temporary staff, which solves the management of temporary work and accountability.

Many-to-many authorization between keys and lock bodies can be achieved. One lock body can authorize multiple keys, and one key can also be used for any number of passive electronic locks, which improves the management efficiency of vending machines and simplifies the management process of vending machines, reducing the workload on staff.
With the increase in the coverage of vending machines, whether they can operate normally and effectively is not only an important guarantee for the durability of brand operations, but also affects the experience of consumption. Make’s vending machine smart locks not only ensure the safety of the equipment, but also help realize the refined management of the equipment, making the operation of the vending machine longer and more efficient.


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