Electric Mortise Locks Make Vending Machine Locks Safe

Speaking of unmanned retail, do you immediately think of various vending machines? With the advantages of simplicity, convenience and variety of items, unmanned retail has won the hearts of a large number of young consumers.
 While unmanned retail is loved by everyone, the safety of retail machines is also troublesome. How to ensure the safety of a vending machine? How long can a vending machine be used safely? Don’t worry. Make’s electric mortise locks help you solve this problem and make the vending machine more unbreakable.
The electric mortise lock is an electronically controlled lock that drives the spring bolt to extend or retract through the on-off of current to achieve the function of locking or opening the door. Of course, the realization of the function of closing or opening the door needs to cooperate with the magnetic sheet.
The electric mortise lock consists of two main parts: the lock body and the lock hole. The key component of the lock body is the spring bolt, which cooperates with the lock hole to realize two states, namely closing the door and opening the door. Because of the retractable function of the spring bolt, electric mortise locks are often used on doors with two-way opening, and its hidden installation is also more suitable for places that require high security of the lock body.

Make Security and Protection Technology Co., Ltd. recently launched an electric mortise lock namely MK232, which is mainly used in heavy-duty cabinet doors and vending machines to make them safe. The MK232 electric mortise lock is made from high-impact zinc alloys. The spring bolt is made from stainless steel, which is strong and durable. The MK232 electric mortise lock can be used smoothly and an impact of 1000kg. Even it is violently hit, it can still be intact. Photoelectric control technology is adopted to prevent mechanical failure. There are LED lights with two colors. When the power is on, the green light means unlocking, and the red light locking. The real-time state is shown clearly. Ultra-low power consumption and ultra-low temperature are adopted. The working current is 1A or 2A, and the applicable temperature is -20 to 55℃. The MK232 electric mortise lock is safe to use, durable, power saving and environmentally friendly. MK232 adopts ultra-durable solenoid valves with a service life of up to 500,000 times. Once installed, there is no need for frequent replacement for a long time. The harness can withstand a force of 50N, which can prevent violent damage; when the lock is in a state of no electricity or low voltage, the mechanical key can be used for emergency unlocking, which is safe and worry-free.
The above is the introduction of Make’s electric mortise locks. Precisely because of these advantages, unmanned retail can be run with confidence. In the future, Make will continue to increase the research, development and investment in vending machine locks, and provide you safer and better locks.


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