How to Build An Intelligent Lock Management System for Vending Machines?

As the common equipment of commercial automation, vending machines, also called 24-hour micro supermarkets, are a new type in retail sales, which reduce manpower costs and facilitate transactions. In the era of pursuing a better user experience, the regular and effective performance of vending machines will directly affect the repeat purchase rate of customers and determine the persistence of business operation and the brand loyalty of customers at the same time.
The manpower operation costs of vending machines have remained high in the daily management due to the characteristics of large quantity, scattered allocation and long distance. And the ordinary mechanical locks of vending machines have the risk of low anti-theft coefficient, which is insufficient in realizing the most basic theft-proof guarantee and achieving the quantitative inspection examination of maintainers.
Confronted with these objective conditions, it is particularly important to integrate locks, replenishment, daily inspection and equipment maintenance into one part through high-tech technical means to ensure daily safe operations of vending machines and achieve the most efficient work with the least manpower by reasonable arrangement.
The intelligent lock management system can be effectively combined with the existing control platform, ensuring the normal performance of vending machines and realizing the excellent allocation and management of staff with the aim of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
It is possible for us to customize different examination contents according to different requirements and summarize data in various forms such as videos, photos, sounds and so on. A series of procedures like unlocking, replenishing, checking and locking can be unified to achieve effective and detailed closed-loop management, providing supportive data for cost reduction and efficiency enhancement through data fetching and integration.


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