Passive Electronic Locks Provide Protection Against Potential Security Risks

It can be said that safety is one of the major problems every industry must face. And it is more important to ensure the asset security of people's work and livelihood, especially in the present moment with abundant material resources. With the coming of Internet Plus and the rapid development of high-tech technology, the lock industry has also presented the unprecedented trend of technological revolution. Recently, in order to further guarantee property security, lots of banks have replaced the traditional mechanical combination locks on ATM machines, cabinets and other equipment with passive electronic locks, achieving some unexpected results.
As we all know, compared with the convenient and safe passive electronic locks, traditional mechanical combination locks exist many potential safety risks and inconveniences in operations. Traditional locks applied on ATM machines need to be changed the passwords regularly with great labor costs. And due to the lack of a record of opening and closing, they are incapable of monitoring the switch state of ATM equipment, which seriously influences the real-time monitoring effect.
On the contrary, the management systems of passive electronic locks include intelligent keys, passive electronic locks, management software and mobile phone applications, ensuring safety efficiency and reducing the costs of manpower and material resources at the same time. They own exclusive built-in encryption chips which are able to provide double encryption in electronic and mechanical ways for equipment that keeps a large amount of money in banks. And locks with no power supply can avoid the hard work and trouble of maintenance, and they have become the first choice of ensuing financial security with the anti-skid idling lock cylinder and the dust-proof, waterproof and anti-corrosion design. We believe that the extensive application of passive electronic locks in all walks of life will enhance the management efficiency of industries and provide the most secure and scientific protection for places where this kind of lock is used.


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