The Qualification & Security of Locks

Being anti-theft is the most critical characteristic of locks. When choosing locks, we cannot ignore their anti-theft performance. So there is a question occurring. Are the qualified locks must be safe? First of all, we need to feel sure that qualification and security can't be equated.

1. What is the qualification of locks? 

There is a difference between the inspection according to the approved standards and the safety. The former mainly reflects the mechanical strength and performance of locks, their reliability and stability in controlling circuits, some known anti-theft performance requirements, etc. And it is to prevent the known risks and regulate some basic functions.

However, there is a rather long period of time for some security risks from being discovered to be heeded by enterprises and then to be set as criteria, especially as compulsory standards. In today's intelligent lock industry which has developed rapidly, relying on those standards, we only can make qualified locks instead of perfect locks.

2. What is the security of locks? 

Security reflects the anti-theft performance of locks. And there is no doubt that safety is primary.

Existing quality standards and inspection methods have been relatively comprehensive, and locks are qualified if they satisfy certain requirements. While the anti-theft degree of locks contains two aspects that are electronic and structural attack defense. For the ways of picking locks, the structural attack is the most common and easy method to make it. And in terms of the difficulty of attack defense, the structural resistance is the most difficult one, which is also the weakest link in lock security. Therefore, structural safety is the shortcoming of locks.

There are two kinds of ways to pick locks: technical and violent opening. The technical opening includes the lock cylinder technology opening and information technology opening. And the probability of the former is rather great, while the information security risks of intelligent locks, such as hacker and data attacks, may seldom occur.


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