Traditional Electronic Locks vs. Passive Electronic Locks

Great changes and convenience have taken place in our life and work due to the development of society and economy and scientific and technological progress. However, with the increasingly highlighted problems in social security and public facilitates, traditional safety devices have been unable to meet the requirements of all walks of life till now.
Traditional electronic locks focus on the body of locks completely and are easy to become the target of criminals because the body occupies a relatively large area. In other words, the obvious body with a fixed position is entrusted with security problems. Once locks are inflicted, the security of facilities would be destroyed instantly, and it goes without saying that we will suffer a lot.
Passive electronic locks, on the other hand, integrate power and recognition modules into keys, which means everything is in our hands entirely. Even though keys are lost, users can directly remove their availability through smart software. Moreover, passive electronic locks are connected with the authorization in the background. Users need to get in touch with the background to be authorized through the identification of ID cards, fingerprints and passwords before unlocking locks.
In terms of installation, passive electronic locks are superior to traditional electronic locks. Generally, the installation of electronic locks refers to the rewiring and set-up of boxes and cabinet doors, which is more complex and difficult. While passive electronic locks can be used directly after being hung without these fussy procedures, which can be applied to many kinds of outdoor cabinets.
Considering the rewiring of cabinets, we also need to provide professional after-sales service and protection for traditional electronic locks. And passive electronic locks with no power supply omit the complex process of transformation and installation, which saves time and effort in the later maintenance.
In conclusion, compared with traditional electronic locks, passive electronic locks improve the security of important equipment in all industries and take advanced science and technology as a protection against burglars, ensuring the greatest safety of enterprises and social assets. What's more, they reduce manpower costs for the management of security devices and try their best to promote the supervision mechanism effectively.


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