The Locking System of Distribution Boards

It is generally known that the development and application of electric energy have brought great convenience to social production and our daily life. With the progress of science and technology, electrical equipment has been widely used in all walks of life, becoming an indispensable part of enterprises.

A distribution board is one of the most basic and necessary equipment in the power distribution system, which ensures the safe operation of the whole electrical system. It has a lot of opportunities to contact members from different departments, and it might be ignored due to its large quantity, wide distribution and low value so that the box would be completed ungoverned, causing the occurrence of dangerous factors. Moreover, the integrated cabinet is usually installed in the natural environment for supplying electricity and network. In order to guarantee the normal performance of equipment, the cabinet and its accessories must own dust-proof, water-proof and electromagnetic shielding characteristics.

Electrical Distribution Board
This includes a set of top-quality and efficient locking systems we need to choose for the distribution board. First of all, we need to know the main functions and features of the cabinet. A standard-size cabinet is generally applied for the base station and the accessories also conform to the approval standards. So learning the knowledge of the cabinet is more convenient to the selection of accessories. Next, the durability and tightness of accessories are important to be fully adapted to the outdoor environment, which is relative to prevent dust, rain and erosion.

The choice of locks should be taken seriously, either. We can often find that the distribution board is locked incorrectly because of the compression of costs, or does not have a lock, which is absolutely not desirable. Misapplying locks to gain temporary benefits will not meet the requirement of usage and cause serious electrical accidents. Hence, in the management of electricity, the power distribution board must be installed a lock, and the key needs to be held by users, security guards and electricians. It is to prevent the cabinet from being opened or wired by the irrelevant personnel without authorization, and avoid unnecessary safety accidents. At the same time, the locks we select ought to completely satisfy the needs of outdoor conditions, building a solid defense against potential risks.


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