How to Guarantee the Security of Self-service Terminals?

Since the first ATM emerged in the 1980s, self-service terminals have become important business and information equipment with steady growth, and at the same time, they are also an indispensable part of the modern digital pattern.

With the development of broadband networks and touch screen technology, the type of self-service devices has evolved from ATMs, vending machines and self-service oiling machines to more intelligent forms. Therefore, a large number of new applications have been invented, including remote goods collection, parcel transfer, self-service online shopping, game machines and automatic ticket machines.

It's obvious that these systems have the following common features. They are all automated systems that contain expensive equipment and are located in various places that are usually unattended. They can store valuable products and provide important services. In particular, one of the most crucial points is to use technology to collect personal and financial information, so as to facilitate transactions. These terminals can also be connected with the trading network of the company so that they are easy to be hacked. Moreover, many of these self-service devices can receive and supply paper money.

Considering these important factors, designers, manufacturers and end-users of self-service terminals need to make a critical assessment of the security of the equipment. Whether the independent self-service devices are placed indoors or outdoors, it is necessary to pay attention to their multiple characteristics when choosing security solutions for them, so they can be better used by consumers, maintenance personnel and people who replenish and update cabinet items.

Locks are one of the most important configurations. As the gatekeeper of self-service terminals, locks not only provide security for equipment, but also become a critical channel for staff to replenish and update internal goods in time, so their safety can not be ignored. The locks we supply are fashionable and simple in appearance. They are made of zinc alloy, with surfaces being treated with shiny chrome and bright nickel, creating a greater user experience. What's more, these locks are equipped with tubular, double-sided pin tumbler and other security structures with more than 10000 key combinations. Hence, they have good anti-theft and anti-prying effects, effectively guaranteeing the safe and stable operation of the equipment and satisfying all kinds of requirements.

Self-service Terminals

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