How to Solve the Long-term Standby Problem of Self-service Terminals by Locks?

With the design concept of providing self-service round the clock, self-service terminals alleviate the problem of large use frequency and cover the limitation of short manual service time, offering relaxed, convenient and accurate services to our customers and receiving popularity from all walks of life. These self-service terminals have been widely applied in public places such as information desks of selling areas, ticket offices of stations and airports, large shopping malls, etc. And working for 24 hours, they save the labor expenses and reduce the running costs, lessening the chance of making mistakes by personnel operation at the same time.
However, in order to maintain the normal operation of self-service terminals, technicians need to open the covers of the cabinets to realize the replacement of the internal consumables. Frequent maintenance and long-term operation would inevitably aggravate the aging of self-service terminal locks, which may reduce the service life of the equipment and meet a sharp fall in their safety performance.
Therefore, to ensure the safety of self-service devices and improve the overall working life, it is essential to own a cabinet locking system with stable and reliable features, low consumption and easy-to-maintain operation.
Let's take self-service terminals in the communication industry as an example. These kinds of self-service machines are common in the business halls. Customers can carry on the businesses like phone halting and resuming, charge, traffic and bill inquiry and invoice printing through ID card verification and phone number input by themselves.
The choice of locks is one of the key factors when we think about locking solutions for these types of self-service terminals. We choose locks with a simple structure, small space usage, convenient disassembly, and quick operation. And the most important one is that these locks need to have a high safety factor. People needn't worry about the safety of equipment even though there is no one guarding them. At this time, self-service terminals can achieve a long-term and stable operation and their standby problem can be solved smoothly.


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