General Knowledge of Smart Door Locks

1. The price of the smart door lock

The price range of smart locks is wide, and the price of some unknown brands is below 500 yuan ($77.2) or between 500 yuan ($77.2) and 1,000 yuan ($154.4). Some products cost between 1,000 ($154.4) and 1,500 yuan ($231.60). However, the price of smart locks is mostly between 2,000 yuan ($308.8) and 3,000 yuan ($463.2). The price of some high-end products will reach more than 4,000 yuan ($617.6).

2. Do you have to select an expensive smart lock?

Higher-priced products usually have more complete functions. At the same time, they are well-made and expensive to produce, and their selling prices will naturally be higher. However, you don't have to buy expensive products but to choose the most suitable products according to your own needs and budget.

3. The special requirements for the door

Generally speaking, most wood doors and iron doors of about 6 mm thickness can be equipped with smart locks. These locks also have different sizes and are suitable for doors of different sizes. However, the smart lock is not suitable for some glass doors and gates.

4. Power supply time of the battery
Usually, four AA batteries are selected for the smart lock, and the standby time can usually last for six months. Smart door locks will become a burden if they have short standby time and large power consumption.

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