Smart Locks for Banks

In recent years, with the application, development and deepening of emerging technologies such as big data, blockchain, cloud computing and artificial intelligence in the financial industry, Internet finance, banking mobile services and self-service have become increasingly popular. At the same time, traditional banking operations are also changing.
The new generation of smart banking has the following characteristics:
Intelligence: By introducing or upgrading intelligent equipment, with the help of comprehensive application of biometric technology and big data analysis technology, we can improve customer service capabilities and provide bank customers with a more convenient and personalized customer service experience, so that customers can access financial services wherever they want.

Efficiency: Through the separation of front and back office, process optimization, remote experts and other solutions, combined with the construction of a centralized business processing center, the service capabilities and service efficiency can be improved, and high efficiency can be created.
Branding: The new generation of banks will become an important place for image display, promotion, and service experience, and will play an irreplaceable role. In fact, only banks can give bank customers a full range of personal experiences and improve customer experience.
Issues in the bank
With the increasingly clear trend of intelligent transformation of banks, manual counters at each bank are gradually replaced by various self-service equipment. In the daily operation and maintenance management, not only the difficulty of key management increases, but also operations for employees are cumbersome and the risk increases due to the different brands and types of mechanical locks and keys on the cabinet doors of electronic equipment in various scenarios.
Make provides integrated smart lock solutions to banks and other financial institutions based on this background.
Smart locks provided by Make
Make’s smart locks for banks include commercial door locks, electronic cabinet locks, Bluetooth cam locks, safe locks, smart padlocks, and passive electronic locks, providing an integrated security solution.
Commercial door locks are mainly suitable for various anti-theft doors in banks.
Electronic cabinet locks are suitable for filing cabinets and drawers in banks, providing daily security for filing cabinets and drawers.
The Bluetooth cam lock is mainly applicable to all kinds of smart teller machines, card making machines, and all-in-one machines in smart banks. The Bluetooth cam lock adopts the method of scanning the code to unlock to realize the easy and safe management of the equipment without the need for a key.
The safe lock is suitable for safes in banks. It has multi-level management authority, self-locking, which is safe, reliable, and easy to manage.
Smart padlocks are suitable for cash boxes and tail boxes, which are made of high-impact carbon steel, and equipped with a high-security passive electronic key system. They have a high safety factor, good anti-prying and anti-theft capabilities, and can provide sufficient security for cash boxes and tail boxes.
Passive electronic locks are suitable for financial terminals, card issuing boxes and card recycling boxes. The passive electronic lock with a fingerprint key is mainly powered by the key; the body of the lock has no electricity, no wiring is required, and it has the function of multiple openings with one key. It can be both authorized and tracked when used to meet the needs of informatization and intelligence and management.
Through the integrated solution of Bank's smart locks provided by Make, they can help solve the following problems and potential safety hazards:
Solve the risk of mechanical keys being lost and copied.
There is no trace management of opening and closing, which solves the inefficiency of personnel records and the risk of data tampering.
It realizes one key to open multiple locks, which solves the problems of personnel change and the complicated storage process of spare keys.
The opening and closing form a complete data record, avoiding the risk of loopholes caused by human control.
The management platform can be authorized and traced, and can carry out unified data management on ATM machines, cash boxes, tail boxes, treasuries, safes and related personnel in banks, and the management is easy.
Make's smart locks used for banks can effectively reduce security maintenance costs, provide reliable protection for daily operations, and enable intelligent banks to better serve the public based on ensuring the security of bank equipment.

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