RFID Electronic Locks

RFID electronic locks are common intelligent electronic locks. With the development of the times, RFID electronic locks have been greatly improved in terms of structure, safety, and functions to bring users safe and convenient use and management. In the face of various applications, how do RFID electronic locks made by Make make things easier?
The RFID electronic lock MK729 is one of the RISE series of smart electronic locks from Make. It adopts a full-screen classic design with rounded and smooth lines and a delicate touch. The entire lock is integrated with a strong texture and is more in line with the high-end feel. At the same time, it adopts a standardized design, which can be installed with only two standard installation holes, which will cause less damage to the cabinet and can perfectly fit various cabinets.
Internal tamper-proof lock design
The MK729 lock body adopts an integrated design, and the executive structure and the circuit are closely bonded together to achieve a double combination of lightness and safety; the battery is located in the lock body, which avoids the problem of poor contact caused by frequent replacement of the battery, and greatly improves the lock itself. Stability; in the inner compartment of the lock, the anti-pick lock design is adopted, and the panel is separated from the unlocking implementation structure of the inner compartment. Even if the panel of the RFID electronic lock is opened, the lock cannot be unlocked, thus ensuring the safety of use.
Compatible with NFC of mobile phones
Inductive electronic locks mostly use cards or wristbands as unlocking keys, which are often forgotten or lost, causing unnecessary trouble. MK729 is compatible with the NFC function of the mobile phone and can replace the card or wristband through NFC when unlocking.
Free switching of fixed temporary modes
MK729 has two functions, including temporary modes and fixed modes. When it is in fixed mode, the phone can be used to unlock as a user card; in temporary mode, it can be used to unlock without administrator authorization.
The temporary mode is more suitable for public lockers and storage lockers. Users can be authorized according to their needs. Users can set their passwords and store items. After use, the password will be automatically cleared until the next user resets the password. The fixed mode is generally suitable for lockers and storage cabinets such as filing cabinets managed by dedicated personnel, with good security and reliability.
Three management systems
In the use of traditional smart electronic locks, lock management is a major problem. RFID electronic lock MK729 has a three management system, that is, administrators, managers, and users, corresponding to different use management permissions, which is convenient for administrators to manage locks and makes management more in place. RFID electronic lock MK729 is also equipped with an emergency unlocking lock cylinder. When the management card is lost or the smart electronic lock is out of power, the master key can be used for emergency unlocking.
All in all, the isolated design of the interior compartment, compatibility with NFC function and three management systems can make the use of RFID electronic locks safer and management more convenient.

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