What Are the Advantages of Heavy-duty Padlocks Made by Make?

For transportation equipment such as containers and trucks, heavy-duty padlocks are relatively common locks. However, we often encounter various problems, such as being easy to be pried, damaged, and the unstable structure of the lock during transportation when it is used, which brings troubles to users.
To solve these problems, lock manufacturers have made improvements one after another. MK618 is a heavy-duty padlock made on this basis. The advantages of MK618 are as follows:
Good hardness and anti-destructive performance
MK618 is a heavy-duty padlock with high-impact carbon steel, and the surface is treated with satin chrome for a metallic luster. The use of high-impact materials makes MK618 even better in anti-destructive performance.
High-security key systems
MK618 is equipped with a high-security Ambella key system, which has good anti-theft performance, can be tamper-proof, tamper-proof, and waterproof, and is safe, durable, and very reliable.
Springless structure and stability
The lock cylinder of MK618 adopts a springless structure, which is used for occasions with vibration during locomotive transportation. At the same time, the anti-technical opening is greatly improved through the lock cylinder blade angle switch lock principle and the long lock bolt.
Heavy-duty padlocks made by Make are dedicated to solving the safety and transportation problems of trailers, trucks, containers, and other equipment. 

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