What Kind of Lock Should I Choose for a Recreational Machine?

With the development of the times, the types of recreational machines have become more diverse. Upgraded recreational machines represented by children's video game equipment have accounted for a big proportion of shopping malls and supermarkets, providing children and young people with a new place for entertainment and leisure. However, while recreational machines bring joy to everyone, merchants pay more attention to the safety of recreational machines. A high-quality and high-security recreational machine lock can not only act as a security line for valuables in the recreational machine, but also provide operators with peace of mind.
In the past, most of the locks used in recreational machines were cam locks, which were prone to safety hazards. However, vending machine locks can also be used on recreational machines to provide more adequate security for recreational machines.
Vending machine locks made by Make include intelligent vending machine locks, mechanical vending machine locks and T-handle locks, covering various types such as American, Japanese and European, with mature technology, high matching degree, safety and reliability, and can be used for recreational machines.
The smart vending machine lock adopts 5G or Bluetooth plus cloud platform technology, which reduces the opening and closing time from 15 seconds to 1 second, which greatly improves operational efficiency. The status of the lock can be transmitted to the customer management platform through the feedback line. When there is an abnormal situation, it can automatically give an alert through the mobile phone, which is more secure.
The mechanical vending machine lock is strong and durable, and has good anti-theft, anti-rust and corrosion-resistant effects in terms of safety. It is manufactured with American, Japanese and European styles. The appearance is simple and elegant, and the front is as bright as a mirror, which is more high-end and more in line with the fashion needs of beautiful recreational machines.
The number of key teeth of the T-shaped handle lock MK211 can reach more than 10,000. It is difficult for ordinary thieves to open it in a short time. In terms of design, MK211 adopts a solid T-handle with anti-drilling steel rods. It is rigid, beautiful, practical and very safe.
The T-shaped handle lock MK211
To sum up, with the continuous emergence of large-scale commercial recreational machines, the choice of recreational machine locks is no longer limited to traditional cam locks. A vending machine lock may bring you unexpected effects.

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