Laptop Locks

For today's office workers, laptops are essential. The lightweight and portable laptop greatly facilitates mobile office. However, when working alone, there are always times when you need to leave for a short time, and it is inconvenient to hold the laptop always. At this time, a laptop lock is very considerate.
What is a laptop lock? 
A laptop usually comes with a security lock hole, which can be used to connect to the laptop lock. The structure of the laptop lock is very simple, that is, one end is inserted into the keyhole on the side of the laptop, and the other end is wrapped around a fixed object that is difficult to move to meet the basic requirement for anti-theft. Some of these anti-theft locks can be opened with a key, and some just have to input a password, which is convenient and safe. With the development of the times, laptop locks have gradually developed into different types and are more targeted. Locks made by Make include the key type and password type, which can be used for both laptops and computers.
Laptop locks

The laptop lock is made from zinc alloy, and the cable is made from PVC plus steel wire. The lock cylinder has a high safety factor, and the cable is durable and not easy to cut, ensuring that the laptop is more secure. At the same time, the key model is equipped with a tubular and Ambella key structure, which has a high safety factor; the code wheel can be turned smoothly, and the installation is convenient and quick. When the password is forgotten, it only takes four simple steps to reset the password. Locks, cables, buckles and other accessories can be selected and matched to meet the diverse needs of users.
In addition to laptops, the lock can also be used on projectors, suitcases and other items, which can effectively prevent laptops and projectors from being stolen. It is a must-have item for working outside or using notebooks and projectors in offices and dormitories. In some laptop stores or shopping malls, laptop locks are often more applicable.
Ingenuity creates quality, and professionalism creates a brand. Make is committed to providing middle and high end locks to protect everyone's daily security.

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