Locks for Chassis Cabinets

Chassis cabinets are mainly used in communication, electric power, industry, transportation and other industries to ensure the safety of internal precision instruments and equipment. The most common locks on the chassis and cabinets are flat handle locks. Why are most of the cabinet locks flat handle locks?

Chassis cabinets
The flat handle lock can meet the requirement for security for the chassis cabinet. Most flat handle locks are heavy-duty handle locks, which are durable and not easy to be damaged. The lock cylinder is equipped with double-sided high-security key systems such as pin tumblers and blades. Through multi-directional and multi-face arrangement and combination, there are tens of thousands of security keys with higher security. In addition, there is a more secure and intelligent flat electronic lock, which makes the safety of the chassis and cabinet more guaranteed.
As commonly used industrial equipment, the easy use of the cabinet lock is also very important. The flat handle lock made by Make has the function of locking and handle, which is more convenient to open and has less effort to push and pull. At the same time, the flat handle lock also has the function of multiple openings with one key, which is convenient for the management of the chassis and cabinets.
The combination of the handle and the lock realizes the integration of the two, which is also a major advantage of the flat handle lock. Compared with the T-shaped handle lock, the flat handle lock can be closely attached to the cabinet door, achieving an aesthetic integration and increasing the aesthetics of the cabinet. Meanwhile, the high-quality surface treatment can make the cabinet look nicer.

The flat handle lock
Since most of the chassis and cabinets are outdoors and often face harsh environments such as wind, sun, and rain, and locks must also be waterproof, moisture-proof, and dust-proof. The flat handle lock is made from zinc alloy, and the surface is chrome-plated and painted, which can play the role of waterproof and moisture proof. Meanwhile, the lock hole is equipped with a dust cover, which can effectively prevent dust from entering and affecting the normal use of the lock, thereby ensuring the long-term stability of the device.
The flat handle lock has become a common lock for the chassis cabinet based on the above reasons. Flat handle locks made by Make cover heavy-duty handle locks, flat electronic locks and other types, with pop-up handles and non-orthogonal crush prevention designs, fully protecting the chassis and cabinets.

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