What Are the Outstanding Features of the M5 Electronic Cam Lock?

With the development of the times, mechanical cam locks are increasingly unable to meet requirements for use, especially in banking, financial and other places. Locks must not only be safe and reliable, but also meet the needs of intelligent and information-based use. For this reason, the mechanical cam lock needs to be upgraded urgently.
Disadvantages of mechanical cam locks
Difficulty in management: there are many devices, and key management is difficult; it is easy to lose and mistake the key.
Low security level: mechanical locks are easy to be opened by technology.
No authority distribution: mechanical locks cannot achieve authority distribution of lock unlocking. 
Unable to effectively supervise: the mechanical lock cannot check the authority of the unlocker, and the effectiveness of the unlocking.
No record: Unable to save the record of opening and closing, and reverse check the record of opening and closing.
Make has developed a solution for the M5 electronic cam lock based on the mechanical lock, providing a one-stop electronic lock solution for places such as banking and smart finance.
Descriptions of the M5 electronic cam lock
Material: zinc alloy
Surface treatment: bright chrome and bright nickel
Static power: less than and equal to 40pA
Dynamic power: less than and equal to 50mA
Temperatures: between -15°C and 65°C, 5°C to 95°C (Humidity)
1. High security and controllable access rights
2. Use records for system administration
3. Three-level user management systems
4. The key is equipped with power
The outstanding functions of the M5 electronic cam lock 
Many electronic locks and batteries adopt an integrated structure, and the battery’s service life is a problem. The M5 electronic cam lock installs the battery in the key through reverse thinking, and the opening and closing of the lock are operated by connecting the smart key, which solves the problem of the battery’s service life that has attracted much attention in the practical application of ordinary electronic locks. 
Compared with the mechanical cam lock, the function of the M5 electronic cam lock is even better. The M5 is equipped with a passive electronic lock cylinder with a built-in encryption chip. When the lock is unlocked, the electronic key is powered on in reverse to complete authority identification, decoding and unlocking. The traditional key is not needed during use, which solves the problems of forgetting and losing the mechanical lock key. At the same time, the M5 has also set up multi-level management levels, and remotely authorizes smart keys through the platform, realizing management of one key with multiple controls and meeting the needs of informatization and intelligent use.
To make the electronic cam lock more secure, Make also added a controllable access function to the M5. Managers can set user access rights, access duration and access personnel, which is convenient for management and has high security.
The data background records the relevant use information and data of the lock at any time. The use and operation information are clear. The use of trace query and tracking can be performed, realizing intelligent, informalized and visual management.
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