The Management of Lockers

Today, all kinds of lockers are widely used in our lives, bringing convenience to people's daily life. However, the great demand for use has brought difficulties to the daily management of lockers, especially for lockers in public places. How to solve the daily management problems of lockers? The various solutions provided by Make provide us with the answer.
Master keys: emergency unlocking
No matter what kind of locker lock you have, you may encounter problems such as forgetting the password or power failure. When encountering these problems, the master key has become a must-have tool for managers.

Emergency unlocking
Make's locker locks are equipped with emergency lock cylinders and master keys. When the locker cannot be opened normally, it can be unlocked through the emergency lock cylinders, which will neither damage the locks nor destroy the locker, bringing convenience to daily management and maintenance.
Multi-level management systems
The convenient and quick management of locker locks is inseparable from the hierarchical authorization of the multi-level management system.

Multi-level management systems
Make's locker locks are equipped with a three-level management system: management cards, manager cards and user cards. Users of different cards can be assigned different access rights. It is very suitable for office lockers that need to be managed to improve use efficiency and management.
Temporary modes and fixed modes
The use of self-service lockers is prone to various management problems. For example, public use and personal use are not compatible. Once you want to improve the efficiency of use, you need to replace the locks. The staff also need to spend a lot of time and energy on management in the public use mode.
Make locker lock has both public mode and private mode, which can quickly realize the purpose of switching the mode of public use from personal use. In the temporary mode, the administrator authorizes the user according to the requirement, and the password is set by the user; it is automatically cleared after use until the next user resets the password, which is simple and efficient.
Intelligent management
With the development of society, the application of self-service lockers is gradually increasing, such as takeaway lockers, express lockers, etc. In this context, the difficulty with management for locker locks is greatly increased, and self-service lockers urgently need to realize intelligent management.
Make has independently developed a solution for intelligent lockers, including central control system plus the electromagnetic lock MK760. Operators can check the locker’s usage information or authorize locker users through the system management platform, which can realize intelligent management of lockers. All in all, although lockers have brought convenience to our lives, management has always been a major problem. Make's solution for lockers makes management no longer a problem.

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