The Alarm Function of Smart Locks

Smart locks act as the guardian of the equipment and users' life and property, with considerations of security being above all else. There are many alternative methods of opening the lock, including key, password, fingerprint, card or face recognition. However, in case of urgency, only the vandal-resistant alarm function can provide a very effective deterrent for offenders.
The vandal-resistant alarm function refers to the sound and light alarm indications or the output of the warning signal given by the smart lock when it is confronted with the repeated wrong operation or its protection surface is destroyed by the external force. This function is a post-strike alarm mechanism that has the character of uniqueness even though it is less important than other functions of the lock cylinder and the lock itself.

In our daily life, we may encounter the following unexpected situations. First, when using the mechanical lock, forget to get the key to lock the door and leave directly. Second, the latch bolt of the automatic smart lock can not pop out or the infrared sensor can't work because the door is not closed in place, with it being not automatically locked. Third, neglect to lift the handle when applying the semi-automatic smart lock. If these situations occur in public places, such as locks on vending machines, ticket machines or other self-service terminal equipment, it is easy to cause unnecessary property losses and security risks. Hence, besides providing more convenient experiences for people, the design of smart locks has taken into consideration these potential risks at the very start and added the prying-resistant alarm function.
Normally, if the door is not closed rightly or keeps unlocking when users go out, the smart lock will inform people by beeping or other voices. When someone tries to forcibly dismantle the lock or open it by lock picks and master keys, the lock will start the anti-theft system and the warning tone will last about 30 seconds. Or after the alarm is lifted, the specific situation will be sent to the user's phone in the form of speech, information and pictures. And many smart locks have been equipped with an alarm function of password error to warn actively and then lock themselves as long as someone enters the wrong password three times or more.
The vandal-resistant alarm function is a minor but indispensable point. In case of an emergency, it is able to ensure the security of facilities and equipment as well as personal and property safety.


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