How to Choose a Weatherproof Lock for Base Stations?

In many industries, electrical distribution boards and control cabinets have to be set in harsh environments so that they are confronted with corrosive chemicals, constant rain washing, the salty and humid air in the coastal areas, etc. These are the harsh conditions that equipment and locks have to face all the year round. If the extreme environments cannot be resisted effectively, it is bound to greatly shorten the service life of locks, especially in the communications industry. Of course, we can't deny that there are other factors we should consider.
The operating environment of communication equipment is the most complex. Base stations are usually found on remote mountains and ridges. And control cabinets are directly exposed to the outdoors, which puts higher requirements on the design and selection of locks.

In the hilly areas of southern China, the communications cables would be broken by snow and ice in the rare freezing disaster, with base stations and control cabinets built on the mountain being frozen completely. If locks or lock cylinders are also frozen, the inspection and maintenance of equipment could only be realized by violent opening, and the damage is incalculable. In addition, because of the long rainy days and the humid air in southern China, the leakage properly happens in the cabinet. If the anti-dust and waterproof performance of locks are designed according to the standard of the general cabinet, they can't adapt to the humid environment, causing water penetration, short circuit or even equipment burning.
So how do we choose a weatherproof lock for base stations? From my perspective, it is more appropriate to select locks made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy for the changeable harsh environment. The latter is lighter and has a more obvious price advantage. After the sealing process of the surface, powder injection can further enhance the corrosion resistance of locks so that they have better performances in the long-term application.

We ought to pay attention to the waterproof characteristic, either. If their anti-dust and waterproof degrees can be increased by easy operations, the suitable environment of locks can be actually expanded and the coping capacity can be improved. What's more, in the protection of lock cylinders, the design of the cover plate is capable of strengthening the water-proof performance of locks, preventing cylinders from being washed by rain due to the direct exposure of locks.


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