Three Abilities Lock Cylinders Should Have for Emergency Use

In our modern life, the safety and ease of use of smart locks have been significantly improved compared with those of traditional mechanical locks. However, smart locks are electronic devices after all, which may be confronted with all kinds of electricity-related accidents. At this time, the setting of the emergency unlocking structure is very important. So what are the factors that we need to pay attention to for the safety of the emergency unlocking structure?

Emergency unlocking, as the name suggests, is the way to open the lock by some special means when the electronic part of the smart lock fails. For the smart locks now on the market, emergency unlocking generally refers to the application of emergency lock cylinders. And there are three main abilities that merit attention: anti-technical unlocking, anti-violent unlocking and anti-tricky unlocking. Now, let's move on to the characteristics of these abilities.

The anti-technical unlocking ability of the emergency lock cylinder is mainly related to the level of the lock cylinder which can be broadly divided into A-level, B-level, super-B level, C-level, etc. The A-level lock cylinder possesses a simple structure and the lowest safety performance. For the B-level lock cylinder, it is more difficult to be opened by the technical unlocking than A-level one, with the opening time being longer. And the special design of the C-level lock cylinder results in a high anti-theft capability and a low mutual opening rate. Nowadays, the lock cylinder of intelligent locks has generally reached the C level so that the security of the emergency unlocking can be guaranteed.
Compared with the anti-technical unlocking, we place more weight on the material of the lock cylinder in the anti-violent opening ability. The material will affect the explosion-proof safety factor of the lock. The lock cylinder of the smart lock is designed to be drilling-resistant and burglar-proof, with the front panel being generally equipped with a protective cover. In addition, we usually adopt the mortise lock structure and fix the anti-drilling lock cylinder on the lock body, so the prying-resistant ability is better. With regard to the anti-violent capability, attention ought to be paid not only to the ability of the lock cylinder, but also to that of the overall structure of the lock.

The tricky unlocking is to open the lock with some abnormal methods, such as unlocking the lock with a rope, a blade, a fine steel wire and so on. The technology, like the tricky unlocking, does not require special skills, which just takes advantage of the design defects of smart locks.

Security is the basis of smart locks, and convenience is the key factor for their popularization. When purchasing intelligent locks, we need to focus on the convenient function as well as the safety performance. A safe smart lock enables our life to be more secure and comfortable.


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