The Development of Vending Machines and Their Locks

The development of vending machines
With the advent of the information technology era, people's life and consumption patterns have undergone major changes. The development of vending machines solves the needs of people due to changes in work and lifestyle through the improvement of science and technology. The improvement of science and technology not only increases the market share of vending machines, but also improves the quality and functions of vending machines based on the user's experience of vending machines, seizing the opportunities of new consumption methods in the new retail era. Make vending machines a part of people's work and life. Only by knowing the orientation of vending machines in the new retail era, and becoming a living symbol of an era and corresponding groups can the era of vending machines truly come.
Although China's vending machine industry has problems such as uneven distribution, insufficient product categories, and industry management to be standardized, there are still significant opportunities for China's vending machine market to achieve the purpose of large-scale and personalized development. As an emerging developing country, the middle-income group will greatly promote the development of the service industry. The large population consumption base, the global leadership of WeChat and Alipay, the selection of big data and the personalized orientation of customer group products and services, as well as the popularization of management systems of corporate information, the grasp of opportunities in China's vending machine industry will be an important segment in China's new retail market. The way of life of people who were born in the years between 1990 and 2009 will change due to the development of information technology, and unmanned intelligent services will be the most important support. Today, with the rapid development of new retail, there will be a boom in the vending machine industry.
New forms and functions of self-service
There are three reasons for new forms and functions of self-service. First, the emergence of unmanned supermarkets has attracted more attention to vending machines. Hangzhou's Tmall unmanned supermarket has the advantages of a good indoor environment and many types of products. The advantage of vending machines is that they can be seen everywhere, it's convenient and quick to buy small items, and the display of goods is clear at a glance. Second, vending machines with the function of preventing the elderly from getting lost appeared.
Second, the NICT in Japan installed a wireless communication module inside the vending machine, so that those lost elderly whose communication devices are out of power and positioning devices are inaccurate can be contacted in time. Reduce the social problems caused by the loss of the elderly. Third, the development of various high-tech industries brings unlimited development possibilities to vending machines. Big data cloud processing technology can gather information such as preferences and credit levels of customers, providing detailed data support for the selection of locations of vending machines, management of product categories and trend analysis, and a certain precision marketing.
Promoted by the economic environment
In 2017, the per capita GDP of many provinces and cities in China exceeded 10,000 US dollars, and the proportion of the service industry in the development of the national economy has increased, bringing great opportunities to the vending machine era. The development of the vending machine industry has accelerated from the coast to the inland, first-tier cities to second and third-tier cities and remote areas. Vending machines are no longer limited to semi-closed places such as subways, schools, and office buildings, and gradually move to many streets and corners. The development goal of vending machines is to bring the greatest convenience to society and life, which requires vending machines not only to have their inherent functions, but also to consider multi-faceted development.
Major brands have also started the vending machine market one after another, expanding the market share of vending machines in retail, jointly developing the market layout of vending machines with third-party distributors, and accelerating the pace of development of the vending machine market. In addition, many vending machine manufacturers in China have joined the International Vending Machine Association, such as EVA and NAMA to obtain advanced technical exchanges and help, which will promote the development of the domestic vending machine industry and make it develop in the international market in the future.
The development of vending machine locks
The development of vending machine locks promotes that of the vending machine lock industry. Vending machines are equipment which can charge automatically just by putting the money in a slot. They are labor-saving and not restricted by time and places. Vending machine locks are used for vending machines. The vending machine locks consist of an outer chute, an inner slide plate, and a lock hook.

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