Vending Machine Locks

The development trend and prospect of vending machines
The increasing proportion of the service industry in the development of the national economy has brought great opportunities to the vending machine era. The vending machine industry has accelerated from the coast to the inland, from first-tier cities to second and third-tier cities and remote areas. The vending machine is no longer limited to semi-closed places such as subways, schools, and office buildings, and gradually moves to every street and corner.
Promoted by the social and cultural environment
China has a large population and requires many amenities. On this basis, the vending machine market has a lot of room for development. With the development and progress of society and the popularization of higher education, people's acceptance of new things has increased. The use of high-speed rail self-service ticketing systems, and commercial self-service number pick-up systems of banks have made vending machines more commonplace. The rate of people accepting vending machines is increasing. Chinese people who were born from 1990 to 2009 have gradually become the main force driving consumption due to their growth environment and status in society. They are more able to accept the consumption method of vending machine experiential marketing.
Convenience of the technical environment
China's electronic payment technology is ahead of other countries in the world. With the widespread popularity of electronic payment, the use of payment methods such as Alipay and WeChat has changed people's way of life. The mobile phone software scans the code to pay, which makes people carry less and less cash with them. Most domestic vending machines also have the function of supporting electronic payment. After selecting the product, you can scan the code to pay for the product, which greatly facilitates using the vending machine. This provides extremely favorable conditions for the development of vending machines in China.
The development of vending machines promoting the vending machine lock industry
A vending machine is a machine that automatically charges by putting the money in a slot. Vending machines are commonly used equipment for commercial automation. They are not limited by time and places, and can save manpower and facilitate transactions. The development of vending machines has led to the development of vending machine locks. The existing vending machine door locks mainly include an outer chute arranged on the opening side of the door, an inner slide plate placed in the outer chute, and a lock hook arranged on the vending box to cooperate with the inner slide plate. The sliding plate can move up and down within a certain range in the outer chute.

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