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Express lockers are often used to pick up packages in our lives. For example, in communities and office buildings, we often see various express cabinets, such as Fengchao’s smart express cabinets, Cainiao’s smart express cabinets, etc. In addition to the different colors and design methods, the external materials used are very similar.
Express cabinet electronically controlled locks
1. What is an electric door lock for express cabinets?
The express cabinet lock is a lock used to control the express cabinet. The electric bolt lock is mainly responsible for opening and closing the cabinet. Do not underestimate the electronic control lock. Its direct function is to realize the opening and closing of the express cabinet. It plays an important role in express cabinets, so how do electronically controlled locks maintain long-term service?
2. Principles of express cabinet electric door locks
Electrically controlled locks use the principle of electro-generated control. When current passes through the silicon steel plate, the electronically controlled lock will generate great suction, which will absorb the iron plate to achieve the effect of locking the door. The electronically controlled lock has a simple structure and can use smart technologies such as Bluetooth and NBIOT to realize the function of intelligently opening the express cabinet, providing you with a convenient and comfortable use experience. In the context of the rapid development of smart express cabinets, the electronically controlled lock manufacturer of smart cabinets combines the security needs of smart express cabinets and is committed to solving the safety encountered when collecting express delivery and providing a smarter and more convenient lifestyle.
3. Express cabinet electric door lock materials
The electronically controlled lock of the express cabinet is made from stainless steel, which is not easy to rust, and has a blue and white zinc surface treatment. After rigorous salt spray testing, it can be waterproof and rust-proof, with a long service life and low maintenance cost. Electronic control locks can support central control platforms of various technologies. Users can realize the function of intelligently opening the express cabinet through their mobile phones. The security level is higher, and thousands of cabinets can be controlled. It is easy to install, has stable performance and a service life of more than 50,000 times. Even if it is opened and closed every day, it will not break easily.

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