Three Tips on Choosing Pin Tumbler Locks

Recently, break-ins happened in Harbin City and the burglars broken into houses with the help of tinfoil. This kind of technology is aimed at unlocking the pin tumbler lock which is widely used by residents. It has the high unlocking rate and a pin tumbler lock can be unlocked within about ten seconds. 

An investigation showed that the two suspects stole cash and anything valuable from high-rise residences by tinfoil and unlocking tools when householders went to work or went out. Their targets mainly were residents whose doors were equipped with cross-shaped or line-shaped security door locks. However, the two suspects said that they could also unlock the crescent-shaped (arc-shaped) locks.

It is hard to prevent the pin tumbler lock from being unlocked by the tinfoil. Recently, a reporter visited several stores and markets and found that there were a variety of locks on the market. When the reporter asked about the theftproof performance of the lockers, owners of these stores continued to introduce the locks' features such as the high technology. However, when they were asked whether the locks could prevent security doors from being unlocked by tinfoil, no one could make a commitment. A person who once was a thief told the reporter that although there are various locks on the market, the most commonly used locks can be generally divided into pin tumbler locks, blade locks and electronic locks.

Because of the low prices, pin tumbler locks are widely used for security doors. For now, the pin tumbler lock's usage is around 70%. Due to its design structure characteristics that the tumbler end is exposed and the working stroke is short, the tumbler can be touched directly by foreign bodies like wire hooks so as to be technically opened. However, the quality of pin tumbler locks on the market also vary from each other. If people do not know the methods of choosing the good pin tumbler locks, it is likely that their doors with the inferior pin tumbler locks will eaily be broken into.

Here are three tips for you to select the pin tumbler locks with the superior quality.

Insert the key into the half of the lock's keyhole, then gently turn the key and push it in at the same time. If the key can be pushed in the keyhole successfully, then the pin tumbler lock has good security performance.

When buying a pin tumbler lock, people should choose pin tumbler locks that have brand authentication and excellent theftproof performance. Do not buy pin tumbler locks from less known and less creditworthy hardware stores just because of petty gains. 

To know whether the pin tumbler lock you buy has good security performance or not, you can call a lock company and ask how long it will take to unlock a certain type or brand of pin tumbler lock. If they tell you that it is easy to open it, then do not buy it.

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