Considerations Before Buying a Lock

Here are some factors which should be considered by consumers before they buy a lock.

1. The using places and their importance
Whether to use locks for street doors, hall doors, rooms, bathrooms or passages should be considered so as to choose the locks fitted for desired function.

2. Environments, conditions and requirements for using locks
Factors such as the humidity of the environment, the thickness and structure of the door, being the left or right handed door should be considered so as to avoid consumers buying the unsuitable lock products.

3. The coordination between the locks and the decoration
Consumers need to consider that whether the locks can match up with the indoor environment, according to their preferences. 

4. The status of people in the indoor environment
If there are the old, the young or the disabled, choosing locks that are easy for them to use is needed.

5. The economic bearing capacity
According to the economic situation of each individual, people who have enough money can purchase high-end locks whereas those who have limited money can purchase low-end locks. Note that whether to choose a high-end or a low-end product, the strength of manufacturing enterprises and the quality of products both need to be considered. It is recommended choosing locks from high-profile enterprises to avoid the loss of money or unnecessary troubles. 

6. The reputation and the service level of dealers
Some dealers will recommend some fake and shoddy locks to consumers for the sake of their own interests .
How to choose a lock
When purchasers buying locks, attention should be paid to the following.

Choose locks from a company with excellent reputation, superior quality and satisfactory  customer service.

Check the labels and the marks on the of product's packaging (including the executive standard, the grade, the name of the manufacturing enterprise, the location and the date of manufacture) are complete or not. Make sure the package is firm and the content of the product specification is consistent with the product. Be aware of the exaggeration in content so that the products will be inconsistent with reality.
Observe the quality of the product's appearance including whether the cylinder, the lock body, the lock latch, the lock handle, the lock surface mount components and relevant parts are complete, whether the appearance of electroplated parts and spray painted parts have bright and even finish, and whether there are signs of rust, oxidation or damaged parts. 

Check whether the locks are reliable and flexible by comparing the locks with at least two other locks. Especially when buying a two-way lock, you need to use all the keys to switch on and off the inner cylinder and the outer cylinder as a test. 

Then check the bits of keys such as keys with 5 key teeth. Each type of keys should not have key teeth less than 3, and neither the first tooth nor the fifth tooth should be the deepest key tooth, which is good for the insertion and extraction of keys and makes keys not easily broken.

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