What Should We Consider before Replacing Locks?

A kind of lock cylinder can't be used universally for different doors. For example, the A class locks can't be used for the B class locks of anti-theft doors. In the same way, the B class locks also cannot be applied to the C class locks of anti-theft doors. But some locks can be used universally. So do the vending machine locks.

Now, locks of anti-theft doors and vending machines are divided into three types-A class, B class and super B class locks.

When choosing locks for anti-theft doors and vending machines, both safety and economy should be taken into consideration. The prices of the A class, B class and super B class locks vary from each other due to their different performance in security. The prices of the B class locks used in the ordinary families are generally low, and the prices of changing the locks usually depend on the different level of the locks. 

Before replacing locks for anti-theft doors and vending machines, we must know the dimension and specification of the needed lock cylinders. Only the lock with the same dimension and specification can be replaced. Therefore, we need to dismantle the original lock, measure its size, and then buy a suitable new lock.

When choosing vending machine locks, in the traditional view, the more expensive locks and their keys are, the better they will be. However, actually, it is wrong. There are several key points for buying locks. The surfaces of locks should be smooth and have the good texture and finish.

The lock with the single-row lock pin belongs to the A class lock, which is almost obsolete. The lock with double-row pin is recommended. Moreover, the lock has key with the double-row key cut, which has the higher security level. 

The procedure of replacing locks of anti-theft security doors and vending machines
1. ​Unscrew two screws at the upper and lower parts of handles and  door pulls and plates. And unscrew the screws on both sides of lock cylinder shells.

2. Remove the cylinder housings of locks and old lock cylinders.

3. Install handles after installing the mew cylinder housings of lock cylinders.

4. Adjust inside and outside handles. Screw holes to make them aim at nuts.

5. Rotate screws in the right position.

6. Insert and tighten the screws. The whole process is accomplished.

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