Why Smart Locks Are Becoming More and More Popular?

There are several reasons why smart locks are becoming more and more popular:

First, the smart lock adopts new opening methods such as fingerprint recognition, mobile phones and passwords. Users don't have to take keys with them when going out, and they don't have to worry about losing keys. Compared with mechanical locks, the convenience of the smart lock has been greatly improved.

Second, the smart lock has anti-theft alarm function, and can be linked with smart home and intelligent security equipment such as smart door viewers, smart doorbells, smart cameras, thus realizing real-time active defense. Therefore, the safety of the smart lock is relatively higher than the mechanical lock.

Third, the smart lock has the function of family care, for instance, family's door opening records can be checked. Simultaneously, this lock can remind you that your family hasn't come home. Besides, it can set temporary keys for relatives and friends from afar, temporary workers and nannies, which can not only keep abreast of the situation of family members entering and leaving their homes, but also prevent them from being turned away and give them more concern.

Fourth, the appearance of smart locks is cooler, more fashionable, which can be integrated with modern decor, and is more in line with the taste of young people nowadays.                                                              

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