Drink Dispenser Locks Make the Dispenser Safer

In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet and the rapid popularization of mobile payment in China, vending machines are very common in the subway, the high-speed rail and other public places. In the category of vending machines, the drink vending machine with a high market share is common. In some subway stations, train stations, shopping malls, schools and other public places, drink dispensers can be seen everywhere. They bring convenience to people's lives. The wide application of drink dispensers has also led to an increase in the demand for related components, one of which is the drink dispenser lock to ensure the safety of equipment.
The Drink Dispenser

The drink vending machine is a kind of intelligent equipment, which can automatically produce and sell drinks by coin or QR code payment. The drink dispenser lock is an important device, whose function is to protect the internal components of the drink dispenser and to prevent the loss of those components.

As a professional provider of vending machine security solutions, Vending Machine Lock Manufacturer is committed to the design and R&D of vending machine locks and has launched a series of drink dispenser locks with high quality and high safety.

The Drink Dispenser

Vending Machine Lock Manufacturer focuses on making a variety of high-grade locks for vending machines and self-service facilities. It adds American, Japanese and European design styles to the drink vending machine lock, which has simple and elegant appearance and the smooth and bright front as a mirror. Made with fine workmanship, the drink dispenser is sturdy and durable. Besides, it has good anti-theft, rust-proof and corrosion-resistant performance in terms of safety. At the same time, lock cylinders with different structures can be configured according to customers' requirements for security levels, such as tubular structure, double line of pin and disc key structure. The lock cylinder is diversified, safe and reliable.

The Drink Dispenser Lock

Different from other drink vending machine locks, the operation of the lock made by Vending Machine Lock Manufacturer has been improved according to customers' needs. The opening and closing of its locks is very convenient, without the assistance of external force. For example, when you want to close the drink dispenser door, you only need to push the handle gently to quickly lock the door. In addition, these drink dispenser locks are also equipped with three kinds of handles to choose from: the ordinary T-handle, the solid T-handle and the T-handle with the anti-drill steel bar. Lock nuts, ordinary nuts and linkage rods are also available. The lock nuts are equipped with three-start elastic screws to push the T-handle to lock the door quickly, which is convenient and safe.

The Drink Dispenser Lock

Drink dispenser locks produced by Vending Machine Lock Manufacturer are not only limited to the application fields of vending machines, but also can be widely used in many fields such as game machines, electromechanical equipment, advertisement machines, ATMs, providing effective security for equipment. If you have any needs, please contact us.

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