Why is the Security Door Lock not Anti-theft?

"Why is my security door not anti-theft?" Many people asked. The primary cause comes from the lock cylinder!

Security door locks are classified into three types: category A locks, category B locks and category C locks. The lock cylinder of category A locks is commonly known as the old-fashioned lock cylinder, which can no longer prevent thieves. The unlocking time takes only 1 minute or less. Category B locks and category C locks are more complex in structure than category A locks, and the difficulty of technical unlocking is greatly increased, giving the burglar much more psychological pressure. Therefore, it is recommended that the household had better use super category B locks or super category The Lock CylinderC locks with better protection against burglars.

How terrible is technical unlocking? Common category A locks can be opened in 1 minute. In the field test, it can be seen that the locksmith can easily open the category A lock with tools in less than 1 minute.

Category A locks: The lock cylinder is old-fashioned. The internal structure of the lock cylinder is very simple. The pin slot is few and shallow. This kind of lock can be easily opened by using iron hooks or sheets. The police suggested that this lock cylinder should be upgraded.

Category B locks: The key is flat or crescent-shaped and is more complicated than the key of category A locks. The obvious difference is that there is a row of irregular lines on the key face of the category B lock. At present, most of the newly-built residential doors are category B locks, but these locks are not reliable enough. The time to prevent technical unlocking is only about 5 minutes. Therefore, the police advised the public to upgrade these locks.

Category C locks: With the upgrading of technology, there are many locks with higher security level in the market, namely, super category B locks. And those with higher security level than the super category B lock are called category C locks in the industry. However, the category C lock has not been certified by the Ministry of Public Security.

Super category B locks, super category C locks: They are more complex and have safer lock cylinders at present. The unlokcing time of super category B locks is over 270 minutes. And the super category C lock cannot be opened by technology at all. It is understood that the price of super category B locks and super category C locks on the market is several hundred yuan.

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