The IoT Lock is Getting Its Day in the Sun

With the rise of new retailing, self-service supermarkets are heating up in the domestic market and more and more traditional retailers begin to seek transition. Vending machines, unattended for 24 hours and not bounded by time and place, save manpower and material resources. Meanwhile, they can serve the public more conveniently, winning the favor of a power of people.

The Lattice Cabinet Vending Machine

Traditional vending machines contain relatively few categories of goods due to the limitations of the rack structure, while lattice cabinet vending machines have broken the limitations to a large extent, and can freely combine and sell various goods without restrictions on packaging, shapes, sizes, combinations, etc. Especially for some non-standard products with irregular shapes, the vending machines with lattice cabinets can hold them well. Therefore, these vending machines have super applicability.

Lattice cabinet vending machines, similar to common parcel lockers, consist of a certain number of individually locked compartments, and each compartment has a separate control mechanism to control the opening and closing of the door. The electromagnetic lock is commonly used for controlling the opening and closing of the compartment.

The Vending Machine with Individual Compartments

Under the background of the popularity of the vending machines with individual compartments, the electromagnetic locks produced by Vending Machine Lock Manufacturer also usher in new development opportunities. Combined with the security requirements of the compartments, Vending Machine Lock Manufacturer provides the electromagnetic lock, strives to address security issues of vending machines and provides more intelligent and convenient life services. The electromagnetic lock is made of high-quality steel, controls the information transmission of the system, greatly improves the safety and intelligence, and has a service life of up to 50,000 times. At present, the electromagnetic locks for the individual compartments have been widely used in every corner of cities, streets and communities, providing users with fast, convenient and comfortable life services.
The Electromagnetic Lock
Vending Machine Lock Manufacturer, established in 2004, focuses on the development, production and marketing of related products in the field of security technology for a long time. After years of development, the company has become a national high-tech enterprise and a national intellectual property advantage enterprise, and has held hundreds of patents in technology and related software copyrights.

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