How to Prevent Lock Picking?

Although people's safety awareness is much heightened, and there are many anti-theft tools, many thieves also have methods to open the door lock. So how to prevent lock picking?

1. Lock the door before closing it.

Many feel troublesome to lock the door before closing it, but it is the most economical and simple way to guard against theft. For one thing it can prevent thieves from prising open the door with a crowbar; for another it can increase the difficulty of lock picking and the probability of thieves being discovered. Therefore, when you go out, you must remember to lock the door before closing it.

2. Reverse the lock.

As long as the door lock is reversed, the lock will not be technically opened. The latch below or beside the keyhole should be reversed.

3. Replace with a door lock with better protection against burglars.

At present, there are some door locks on the market that are with better anti-theft systems than category A and category B locks, especially intelligent anti-theft locks, which are divided into mechanical locks and electronic locks, and the two locks are separated, so thieves can't open the door locks even if they are equipped with the same keys.

4. Install an alarm.

After an electronic alarm was installed on the door, someone touching the door will set off the alarm, enough to scare off the theft. There are many kinds of alarms, including infrared alarms, vibration alarms, telephone alarms, and some with or without remote control. Prices range from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. There are several products both online and offline, and residents can choose to use them according to the actual situation.

5. Enhance safety precaution consciousness.

Residents must be vigilant and have safety precaution consciousness, and remember to check doors and windows every morning and evening, so as not to give the burglar an opportunity.

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