The Detail of Unlocking

In the process of unlocking the door, many will encounter various problems. Pay attention to some details to avoid more damage to locks. Vending Machine Lock Manufacturer tells you the following two points.

For one thing, don't forcibly turn the key in the lock.

Sometimes, the door is very heavy or inflexible, which makes the door sink and difficult to be unlocked. At this time, the lock will have a heavy load during the unlocking of the door. The door can't be opened if only a little force is applied to the key, but if too much force is applied, the key will be broken, which will be more troublesome. In such a case, you should find the reasons first. If the loose leaf causes the door leaf to sink, just fix the loose leaf with screws. If the door can’t be unlocked due to the deformation of the door frame or other reasons, the door frame can be adjusted and the lock tongue can be expanded, so that it is easy to lock and unlock the door.

For another, don't frequently use oil in the keyhole.

Some people often believe that the lock is not very easy to use, so they like to use oil in the keyhole and insert the key a few times to make the oil get worked into the mechanism. However, you should pay attention to the fact that the oil is easy to stick to dust, so the dust will slowly accumulate in the keyhole and the lock will not work. In fact, it is very simple to solve this problem, just infuse with pencil power or some candle wax into the keyhole. Then insert the key and rotate it several times.

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